Monday, 3 June 2013

The fight begins - Action Aid for Animals taking on the Mayor and the Vet of Craiova in the conference room and through the courts

Blind dog, labeled aggressive in order to kill him
This weekend dogs that were wrongfully labeled aggressive simply to allow the Butcher Vet of Craiova (This man operates on and kills dogs without any anesthetic) to kill the dogs under the order of the local mayor and her minions.  The full story can be read here on our Action Alert Click here for Full details

Old and without teeth, labeled aggressive to allow him to be killed
The local NGO met with the mayor today and the situation is far from over, infact it is clearly obvious that the Mayor and her minions intend more illegal actions to carry out in there efforts to wipe the strays from existence in Craiova even if this means breaking Romanian welfare laws.
(See today outcome of meeting below)

Old and terrified, labeled aggressive to allow him to be killed
Intervention is clearly needed, legal action is clearly required. Our charity is now stepping up to join in the fight, to stand by the side of the local NGO and together we will take on the Mayor and the Butcher Vet every step of the way until the strays in Craiova are safe. Until the Animal welfare laws in Romania that also govern the Craiovan Mayor and her minions are enforced.


However, we just like the local NGO we will be helping can not do this alone. This will take lawyers, assistance to collate the evidence and money for court applications to bring the Mayor and all involved in the brutality to these animals to justice. We need your financial help to enable us to not just begin these actions but to continue them to the end when once and for all the strays in Craiova are safe from the Mayors and the Butcher Vets claws.

Please donate as much as you are able, and with your help we do our very best to finally stop these killings and force the Mayor and The Vet to answer for there horrific crimes

How to donate: Please see our donation page on our charities website referencing Legal fund when you send your donation.


Report from NGO in ref to todays meeting
The meeting with the personal from city hall did not work good. The personal from there argued with the associations' members ( From Speranta pentru animale, Suflete nevinovate & Viata animalelor ), talked with ugly words with them and when the members of the NGOs tried to defend our cause , the city hall's members decided to leave and left them talking alone.
The press was there , but they were not allowed to assist the meeting and hear what is discussed.
Basically, the city hall had a plan: talk ugly and insult the members from NGOs and when the NGOs started to fight back to leave them alone. Now, the city hall can say that the NGOs were asked to come and discussed , but this could not happen because of the NGOs attitude.... So....from this you can figure it out ..... Nothing was discussed. This means we still have no access there.
And Nedelescu, the town's manager appeared on TV this morning and said :
- only 2 hours will be allowed for us as "visiting " at the public shelter ( but he did not specific at TV how many days per week )
- we are not allowed to bring food for the dogs ( the question is why ? Why I am not allowed to bring dry food to them, for example ? )
- the dogs will still be caught from streets and none of them will get out. - So, we think that the Mayor wants to stick to her plan : bring in total 500 dogs in the public shelter ( this is it's capacity at the moment ) and after to bring dogs in it but kill them so the number never grow more than 500 ).
Meanwhile I think we should keep on putting pressure through media.
- we can not bring food to the dogs

Recording of the Butcher Vet at work in Craiova Public Dog shelter - Here he operates on dogs without anesthetic, warning please do not listen if you are easily offended by the screams of animals in horrific agony
The Butcher Vet of Craiova operating without surgery 


  1. I have seen a lot of these kind of videos, and i just cant watch this, but i can imagine, and that is bad enough, poor dogs, how can anyone treat any animal so cruelly,
    How can anyone call themselves a vet who treats animals this way

  2. Evil barbaric neanderthal race , eastern Europeans are the most hated people and this disgusting heartbreaking slaughter just proves why , even uncivilised amazonian tribes would not slaughter animals like this . This needs to go global to let the world know what they are doing and treat the people of these countries with the contempt they deserve . They are not welcome here let's make sure they are not welcome anywher.